Accotex® Glass Forming Aprons

Setting new standards in sizing application

For more than 40 years Accotex sizing applicator aprons have been a key component to the glass fiber industry. Customers all over the world benefit from excellent wetting properties, durability and toughness of Accotex Glass Forming Aprons for the production of glass fibers according to highest quality standards.

The basic function of a glass forming apron in the glass fiber manufacturing process is to transport the sizing from the sizing reservoir to the glass fiber filaments.

The Accotex Glass Forming Apron family is designed to meet the demands of the glass fiber yarn industry. Accotex offers apron solutions, covering the whole spectrum of glass fiber yarns, from coarse (G type) to ultra-fine filaments (D - BC type).

Product Range

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Example Fiber Product Roughness Color
Accotex 1 - 2 μRa Coarse 946 1 - 2 μRa black
Accotex < 0.85 μRa Fine 946 FG3 < 0.85 μRa black
Accotex < 0.85 μRa Fine 518 FG3*, 519 FG3* < 0.85 μRa black
Accotex < 0.2 μRa Ultra-fine 518 SF*, 519 SF* < 0.2 μRa black

* Additional product differentiation: depending on the sizing formulation.

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